Lithuanian police star patrol sadist killer Vitalijus Vaitkevičius

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Lithuanian police star patrol sadist killer Vitalijus Vaitkevičius

Trumpas komentaras apie policininką sadistas Vitalijus Vaitkevičius, tą patį, kurį "suspardė" E. Dragūnas, tą patį, kurį "sumušė" Vitolda, tą patį, kuris apsivilkęs uniformą dabar visus šokdina, keršydamas už tai kad jį vaikai skriausdavo mokykloje... Tik dar kartą patvirtina taisyklę, kodėl kai kurie nuskriaustieji žmogžudžiai eina dirbti į policiją.

January 25 Vilnius County Police Chief Commissariat Portal (VPK) 15 minutes reported that a formal decision had been made to carry out an official internal inspection, the results of which would undoubtedly be in the public interest.


The internal investigation is being carried out by the Vilnius County LSC Immunity Board, which has also received some of the material from the capital prosecutor’s office.

After the official inspection, it is expected to determine whether the telescopic baton and other special equipment were used in a measured and lawful manner during the arrest. measurements.

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As previously reported, prosecutors were approached by citizens who felt they were victims of police patrols and were subjected to physical coercion during detention for violations of the quarantine procedure: hit (telescopic pole), gas, handcuffs.


This is also the main task of the assessors conducting the official inspection: answering questions about whether reasonable, measured and legal patrols at the scene of this particular incident took harsh, proactive and, in some cases, painful actions.

It is stated that the investigation is not carried out in relation to specific agents, the emphasis is on the need to evaluate the situation and the reaction of the police agents to the circumstances.

However, it is known that Vitalijus Vaitkevičius and his partner Livijus Saukevičius are probably the most famous patrons of the capital.

In the situation, which turned into a scandal, V. Vaitkevičius seemed a more active member of the patrol couple: it was his unexpected blow to one of the detainees with a supposed banana on the head and it became the most discussed moment.

Understand instantly

  • The police are forced to investigate the incident in the capital on the night of January 8. to January 9. Russian refugees with asylum in Lithuania in Irina Kalmykova.
  • That weekend, social networks, and then the police community and the whole of society, were surprised by the images filmed in Vilnius, which recorded the visit of the capital patrols to an apartment on Architektų street. Police say they responded to a report of clashes there, and patrols inside felt aggressive and used physical force.
  • The son of I. Kalmykova had just returned from the correctional house, a total of 5 young people had gathered to celebrate this occasion in the apartment. The drunken boys in the company were aggressive and, although they did not resist at all, did not respond to the verbal instructions of the officers, which caused a fatal blow to the head of the patrol V. Vaitkevičius. When the guy who was hit fell, there were no problems stopping other people, especially V.Vaitkevičius and L. Saukevičius soon received reinforcement.

In case of an uproar due to the patrol actions, the Vilnius County Police asked not to rush, assessing the situation.

According to the current procedure, the first 10 days were called “Circumstances”.

This intermediate stage is necessary to reach a reasoned decision on whether there are grounds for an official inspection or whether such a procedure is not appropriate in this particular case.

15 minutes He learned that the Immunity Board not only saw the basis of the investigation, but also decided to make an inquiry to the Police College.

In preparation for service, officers, along with experienced instructors, accumulate theoretical knowledge and practical experience that may later be required in actual work.

The instructors, in accordance with both the law and the capabilities of physical fitness and the manageable arsenal of tools, strive to train future guardian angels on how the latter should behave as safely and effectively as possible in a u another emergency.

In order to formulate the conclusions of the internal audit, the contribution of the representatives of the MTD to the evaluation of this situation is expected.

Official inspections usually last up to a month, but can be extended in the event of obstacles or new uncertainties.

The 7 people who were in the apartment that night received protocols for violating the quarantine procedure.

So far, only the behavior of those who participated in the illegal party has been evaluated.

The 7 people who were in the apartment that night received protocols for violating the quarantine procedure.

Three detainees were intoxicated with alcohol: one was mild and two were moderately intoxicated (1.5 to 2.5 ppm).

Several young men were also punished for not following the instructions of legitimate policemen.

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